RASIKA: Celebrating 20th Anniversary Season June 2019- May 2020

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Rasika presents SAPTAVARNA

Classical Dances of India

Fri 7pm 6th September 2019

PCC Rock Creek Forum Theater

Classical dance by troupe of 18 internationally renowned dancers from India featuring multiple classical dance genres including Odissi, Bharatha Natyam, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Kathak highlighting the Bhagavat Gita!

**FREE Meet and Greet for ticket holders on Thursday 5th Sept 2019 at the Rasika Studio in Hillsboro. All local dancers and students of dance encouraged to attend and meet these amazing artists. Tickets will be available without service charge at the studio.

Not to miss!

Tickets available on sale NOW

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Rasika presents heArtbeat Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble from India
Sat 4pm 12th October 2019
Portland5 Centers for the Arts

Led by famed Carnatic musician Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick, the Heartbeat Ensemble performs South Indian Classical Music with both a deep respect for tradition and an ear for the contemporary soundscape.Headed by ghatam (clay pot) virtuoso and composer Dr. S. Karthick, Heartbeat navigates the vast rhythmic and melodic seas of Carnatic music through highly engaging performances featuring a full percussion section featuring ghatam, kanjira, mradangam and electronics plus violin and keyboards. Let’s fill the house for these remarkable musicians from South India!

Take passage on a sweeping musical journey, this trip to India promises to be a memorable world-class experience.

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