The Board of Directors comprise of professionals like software engineers and art connoisseurs as well as artists – professional and upcoming, with a common passion for promoting Indian arts. The directors have experience in various fields such as finance, accounting, concert organizing, artist’s contact, community involvement, teaching etc. Together, they form a compelling team of dedicated volunteers making Rasika a strong and vital part of Oregon’s cultural diversity.

Founded by a group of like-minded art loving individuals in 1999, Rasika has grown into the leading presenter over past eighteen seasons presenting the legendary internationally reputed artists as well as local talents. The organization is run by dedicated board of volunteers, who support not only by donating time, expertise and in kind (providing food, hosting, local transportation, flier/poster design etc.), but have also support with monetary donations.

Raman Srinivasan: President, RASIKA

Raman is the founding member and serves as President of the organization. Besides the many awards and accolades for his work, his passion for the classical arts drives his desire to present programming of high quality serving Oregon residents. Retired from Intel Corporation after working for over three decades, he inspires the board members who share similar passion for the arts.

Ramkumar Vaidyanathan, Secretary

A software engineer by profession, Ramkumar has been a strong force helping with local transport of artists, and at times boarding and lodging to keep costs down for the organization.

Lavanya Mohanraj: Cultural Consultant, Board Member

Lavanya is an amateur performing artist studying and performing Indian classical dance with intense passion and interest. She is also a fine artist enjoying pencil sketches, painting etc winning local competitions and receiving awards for her artistry.

Ramu Kailasam: Finance Consultant, Board Member

Ramu is Intel retiree who has a strong background in finance and accounting. He helps the organization’s overall budget and tax filing etc.

Jayanthi Raman, Artistic Director

Jayanthi is reputed performing artist who has received multiple local and national awards and grants for her work as an Indian classical dancer, teacher and arts advocate. She received the ‘Arts Leadership’ award from Beaverton Arts Commission for her volunteerism.

Kumaran Annamalai Elumalai: Web master, Board Member

A software engineer by profession, Kumaran volunteers to support day to day activities of web site updates.

The board works on the three aspects of Rasika- cultural, educational goal and community involvement.

Cultural aspect – with presentation of premier music and dance concerts,
Outreach and Educational goal – by presenting workshops, lectures/classes on arts.
Community involvement – by presenting local artists collaborating with visiting artists, and working with educational and arts organizations in co-promoting and presenting concerts.

Rasika has a dedicated band of young volunteers who help with concert presentations, ticket sales, publicity, outreach, providing local transportation for out of town artists etc.

Contact Board: rasikapdx’at’gmail’dot’com