RASIKA: Celebrating 20th Anniversary Season June 2019- May 2020

Watch for series of exceptional concerts and outreach events

Rasika supported upcoming events

The NatyArangam concert is supported by Cultural Venue grant from HACC and City of Hillsboro. Rasika is proud to support local community talents

Cultural Treasures from India – presented by the Walter Arts Speaker series. Talk about India’s arts and culture by master artist and Hillsboro’s renowned teacher Jayanthi Raman.

Come attend these two free events and support local talented youngsters and master artists.

Rasika presents EKAM: Solidarity

Classical Dance Ballet of India
September 2019
Portland5 Centers for the Arts

Team of exceptional international and local dancers from Northwest featured in musical dance production. A dance production that rejoices and celebrates unity and harmony. An enchanting evening of melodious music, vibrant rhythms, professional world class classical dances and award winning choreography delights audience.

Rasika presents Heat Beat Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble from India
October 2019
Portland5 Centers for the Arts

Led by famed Carnatic musician Dr. ‘Ghatam’ Karthick, the Heartbeat Ensemble performs South Indian Classical Music with both a deep respect for tradition and an ear for the contemporary soundscape.Headed by ghatam (clay pot) virtuoso and composer Dr. S. Karthick, Heartbeat navigates the vast rhythmic and melodic seas of Carnatic music through highly engaging performances featuring a full percussion section featuring ghatam, kanjira, mradangam and electronics plus violin and keyboards. Let’s fill the house for these remarkable musicians from South India!

Take passage on a sweeping musical journey, this trip to India promises to be a memorable world-class experience.

Rasika presents Violin legend Dr. L. Subramaniam

Classical Violin Concert
November 2019
Portland5 Centers for the Arts

Pandit Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam is an acclaimed Indian violinist, composer and conductor, trained in the classical Carnatic music tradition and Western classical music, and renowned for his virtuoso playing techniques and compositions in orchestral fusion.

L. Subramaniam, India’s violin icon, “The Paganini of Indian Classical music”, “the God of Indian Violin” is the serenity of an Indian musician combined with the magnetism of a western star. Constantly propelled from Singapore to Paris, from Delhi to Los Angeles, he has conquered every audience with the elegance and virtuosity of his style.

This living legend’s concerts are truly marvelous landmarks, which are a real inspiration to the audience. The album, “Conversations” and his orchestral composition “Fantasy on Vedic Chants” have become milestones and serves as a reference and guide for any composer exploring the concept of fusion. One can hardly believe that such technique and emotive playing can exist.

“I find nothing more inspiring than the music making of my very great colleague Subramaniam. Each time I listen to him, I am carried away in wonderment,” Lord Yehudi Menuhin.

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